Why Visitor Management Software Is Better Than Normal Log Books?

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What is a Visitor Management System?

The Visitor management software from web application development companies helps in keeping a track of everyone who enters your building or your office. A visitor can be anyone like a customer, a delivery person, a job applicant, a contractor, a consultant, or we can say that essentially, anyone who is not a regular full-time employee is a visitor.

Uses of Visitor Management Software

  1. It will help you maintain a cloud-based visitor log for security purposes.
  2. Take photos of your visitors to help you identify them in emergency cases.
  3. It will also help you print visitor ID proof badges, customized with your company’s logo.
  4. You can also capture signatures for NDAs and other legal agreements.
  5. It provides users with the feature of accepting deliveries from UPS, FedEx, and other courier services.
  6. It will also help you in sending SMS, email, and Slack notifications when your will visitors arrive.
  7. It will allow two-way communications between the employees and visitors.
  8. Accept food deliveries and document drop-offs on the gate itself.
  9. Provide instructions for visitors, who are unaware of the location of the building.

A visitor management software will help you improve your system by increasing your office’s productivity, enhancing your office’s security, and elevating your brand image.

Visitor management software

Advantages of Visitor Management Software

  1. It is very accurate to use. With the help of it visitor’s information can be recorded more correctly and uniformly. Also, it will help in verifying the visitor’s details via OTP to ensure that the information entered by the guest is accurate.
  2. It will help in tracking guests or visitors for different purposes as well. It will give you the feature of tracking the location of your visitors in real-time.it will also help the users to search, sort, and analyze the information of any number of past visitors. You can also keep a track of how many times a visitor has signed-in or signed-out, and whom they have come here to meet?
  3. It also provides the feature of pre-registration. This will help the visitors save a lot of time, as they won’t have to enter their details every time, they enter the premises.
  4. It uses a photograph of the visitor as the id proof of them, which may come in use later. By installing a visitor management system, you can instantly capture photographs of your visitors and can help companies print a professional looking badge with the company’s logo within seconds. These photos can also help you in the future for having an investigation for security breaches. It also has a feature by which an Image based notifications are sent to the hosts upon the arrival of their guests, for them to easily identify them when they meet.
  5. It has a very special feature for the frequent visitors. Many people like vendors, milkmen or housemaids visit daily, so they will have to enter the details each and every time, this might become irritating as well, VMS provides another feature in which you can give your vendors or VIP guests a special treatment. It allows your frequent visitors to sign in quickly and smoothly as the system already remembers their details, from the past log-ins they had made. It also keeps records of the people who have created problems in the past to the society or the office.
  6. It also gives your visitors a good impression of your society or office. Having a self-serviced digitized access system will leave your visitors or guests impressed. It will make your guests feel secure and important. It also gives a huge advantage to your company or society as it will allow your society or company to go green and cut down the use of paper.

From the above points of advantages of VMS, it is clear that we need to move forward from using logbooks to Visitor Management software from software developmet company.

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