7 Signs You Need SAAS Application Development For UI Makeover

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With the advancement of technologies such as cloud storage, users now prefer online SAAS applications for their day-to-day operation instead of traditional software solutions. This transition in preferences has given rise to a variety of SAAS applications making the marketplace extremely competitive. To thrive in this scenario, staying updated by adapting to the latest UI trends and tools with SAAS application development has become crucial. However, accessing your business needs can be very challenging. For this, you need to keep a constant eye on multiple business matrices and work with a realiable software development company. These can easily hint towards the solutions your business needs for enhancing the user’s experience and overall sales.

If you have a SAAS application such as Google Docs or Canva to assist your users in daily tasks, you might notice consistent changes in buyer behavior. A majority of times, this fluctuation is driven by factors such as:

  • Complicated navigation
  • Lack of modern features
  • Complicated application features
SAAS UI Importance

To ensure your business receives a consistent flow of users, providing them with a smooth UI design is crucial. It ensures your SAAS UI is easy to use and provides a modern appearance for establishing a relatable brand image as well. If this aligns with what you are currently planning for your SAAS application, look no further! Here we will look into common signs that indicate your SAAS design needs a makeover from web application development companies.

Signs Your Application UI Needs SAAS Development Services

SAAS Application Development

Having an impressive UI/UX for your SAAS application can easily benefit your overall business revenue. However, for this, you must create a strategic plan for your UI revamp process. It will help you to cater to your business needs efficiently. 

To achieve this, you need to analyze the weak points of your SAAS UI and pre-plan the solutions that will help it evolve further. Below is a detailed list of signs that can help you understand UI aspects that you can enhance with SAAS application development:

Radical Reduction In Average Number Of Users

SAAS applications are vital for catering to the needs of target users for the long run, as it provides solutions for consistent woes. Hence, it is natural that your SAAS application will have users who regularly use your app’s services. However, when your competitors adapt to trending features, your users might choose their services over yours. In such cases, your SAAS application might experience a decrease in the number of total online users. 

If your business is experiencing something similar, you should compare your services alongside your competitors. It will help you to uncover essential pain points and features your application is missing out on. Once you have that figured, you can hire SAAS development services to implement the features and represent them efficiently in your UI. 

Low Conversions Of Visitors

If you offer a free version of your SAAS application and are still failing to convert, your UI is failing to impress. It can conclude multiple SAAS design issues such as complicated navigation, accessibility woes, and outdated designs. In such cases, you need to revaluate your SAAS application UI design. It will assist you to adapt to changes with the help of SAAS application development that will make your UI easy to navigate and accessible across multiple devices. In guest mode, these features will motivate your visitors to subscribe to your SAAS services and help you maintain a consistent flow of new buyers without any hassles.   

Slow Site Speed

Site speed also plays a vital role in retaining buyers by providing them with faster interaction with your SAAS application. If your SAAS application is considerably slow and hinders your user’s workflow, working on the UI to make it lightweight can enhance your UX. For this, you can request the chosen SAAS application development company to use modern frontend development technologies for creating lightweight UI/UX. Furthermore, you can also look into technologies such as React, Vue.js, and Angular to find the right UI/UX technology that suits your business needs.

Low Visibility

The content regarding your SAAS application and its landing pages must stay visible in the Google search engine for securing consistent users. However, if you notice a lack of visibility, there are chances that your UI uses outdated SAAS application development practices. To ensure the SAAS application visibility, you should consistently update your SAAS UI according to the latest UI/UX standards. It will make your website easy to read for the Google crawler and help your SAAS application rank higher in Google searches. In the long run, this will help you draw high conversions and traffic.

Negative Reviews & Recommendations 

User reviews and recommendations provide in-depth insights about aspects that your SAAS application must improve for assuring user satisfaction. So, if your SAAS application is receiving a higher number of negative reviews, it indicates that your SAAS app might have bugs that need immediate attention. By thoroughly going through such reviews, and answering their pain points by making suitable changes you can easily enhance the user experience and cater to user-specific needs. In addition to this, working on negative insights with the help of the SAAS application development company can make your brand look reliable and accommodating in front of your target users. 

Lack Of Mobile Traffic

Instead of desktops, users are now transitioning to mobile devices for accessing online products and services. Mobile devices are more easily accessible and allow users to access your services on the go. So, if your SAAS application is not receiving enough mobile traffic, there might be an underlying accessibility issue. 

To ensure your SAAS application receives proper traffic from mobile devices, you must ensure its responsiveness for multiple screen sizes. For this, you can either create separate UIs for multiple screens or use progressive web app development for smooth mobile navigation with SAAS application development experts. Although if you have enough budget to ensure mobile accessibility, you can use mobile app development services to create mobile apps for your SAAS product.

Low Conversions From Your Marketing Campaigns

Marketing Campaigns are essential for your business, as it helps you to reach your target audience. However, if after getting leads from your campaigns your users are bouncing back, you must re-access your SAAS application interaction patterns. It will help you make needed adjustments with the help of SAAS application development services to improve overall UX. In the long run, it will make your marketing campaigns more effective and offer better ROI.

Technologies For SAAS Application Development

SAAS development technologies

From the above list, you can easily access pain points in your SAAS application UI. Further, you can also enhance it according to your business needs with guidance from reliable SAAS application development services. However, to ensure that your SAAS UI stays manageable and scalable, using the right technologies during the SAAS UI redesign process is vital. It will help you implement modern features with ease and also assist you in catering to the evolving user’s requirements. 

Yet when it comes to making a choice, there is no universal solution for SAAS UI development. Below is a list of some of the technologies that you can use for creating user-friendly SAAS UI: 

React Js

React Js is a Javascript library. It empowers developers to create unique, interactive, and out-of-the-box UIs. It was launched by Facebook and is supported via a huge community of JS developers. Some of the benefits of React.js that makes it a perfect choice for SAAS application development is listed below:

  • It provides a reusable code component that facilitates faster development.
  • React js can also work alongside third-party applications, which makes scaling applications much easy.
  • It uses a virtual DOM, which allows React-based UI to reflect the changes faster. Hence, using it in your SAAS application will make it more interactive and user-friendly. 

However, since React.js uses a component-based structure, its codebase tends to expand quickly. So, taking a strategic approach during the SAAS application development process is essential to ensure it is scalable for catering to your business’s future needs. 


Angular is yet another popular frontend framework for SAAS application development. It is led by a talented team of Google developers and uses typescript as its core technology. Angular uses MVC structure for facilitating faster UI/UX development and efficient scalability. Below is a list of some of the unique features of Angular:

  • Angular provides template syntax for faster development of UI components. 
  • Angular is the view for your SAAS application. Hence, it can easily get integrated into the .Net, Php, and Node.js backend. 
  • It also comes with built-in testing tools, which facilitate an error-free and faster testing process. 

Vue js

Vue js is also another unique UI/UX development technology. Although it is new in the market, its efficiency gives a tough competition to the other two options mentioned in the list. Here are some unique features of Vue.js that makes it a perfect choice for SAAS application development:

  • It uses reusable HTML components that allow developers to craft custom UI elements with ease.
  • Vue.js also provides premade templates, which makes crafting responsive SAAS UI much easier for your SAAS development company.
  • Vue.js script is very lightweight, which facilitates faster performance and load speed.

Final Words

SAAS applications need consistent updates and analysis to bring high conversion and retain buyers for the long run. By avoiding regular UI updates, your application might end up making your business look outdated and unreliable in front of your target audience. In such scenarios, you might face the business woes mentioned above. So, analyze and access your SAAS application’s performance today to ensure your SAAS application stays ahead of the curb.

Confused about where to start? No worries, get in touch with us today with your SAAS application development woes to figure out the right business solution.