15+ Free NodeJs Libraries Developer Must Know About

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In the market for asynchronous frameworks, Node is no doubt the market leader. Many entrepreneurs and software development companies now use the platform to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. NodeJS promotes itself as a platform capable of handling a large amount of traffic while maintaining its seamless performance.

Node isn't slowing down any time soon; in fact, it appears to be doing the opposite.

The event-driven, non-blocking I/O mechanism used by Node.js libraries or NPM packages makes it efficient and lightweight. Nodejs may greatly benefit real-time applications that run across several devices and are data-intensive.

NodeJS offers a large number of libraries to select from because it is a fast-growing programming language. Many NodeJs libraries, thankfully, can scale, speed up the development process, and improve project performance.

Not to mention the fact that Node has the most popular package management of any framework or language ever created. As a professional Node developer, one must keep up with the latest and finest Node libraries because software development nowadays is heavily reliant on them.

Knowing good libraries will save you time and effort while also assisting in the development of high-quality software. Because of it, one can create a website in minutes. Thanks to the wealth of NodeJs libraries and modules available through package management.

Without further ado, here is a list of the greatest NodeJs libraries to kickstart your development journey, and I'd advise you to save it for future use as I did.

10+ Free NodeJs Libraries You Must Know

1. Express

Express is one of the most used NodeJS libraries that can be downloaded from the NPM repository. It's a NodeJs library that's versatile, minimalist, and opinionated. It's used by a lot of premium Node.js development services. In the way things are formed, all common programming languages have similar structures. Express is a popular framework for quickly developing and publishing applications and APIs. You can also mix it with other Node JS Packages to improve the output in addition to defining how your app will function.

Free Node Library


2. Socket.io

You may always use Socket NodeJS Library if you want to make a real-time communication app that works with real-time streams of content.

It consists of the following components- a server that runs on Node.js (repository) and a browser-based JavaScript client library (or a Node.js client).

Socket.io can aid you with content that comes from the data you're using or from an API that comes from an external source. For instance, the Twitter bot, which collects the most recent tweets, and the Facebook bot, which consumes news, are two notable instances of this strategy.


3. Body Pacer

The NodeJS library body-parser object exposes a number of factories that can be used to build middleware. It parses arriving request bodies before your handlers that are defined by the req.body field in a middleware. JSON body parser, Raw body parser, text body parser, and URL-encoded form body parser are among the parsers available in body-parser. Body and co-body are two other body parsers you might be interested in.


4. Async.js

Async is a browser-based utility module that lets you deal with asynchronous JavaScript and install NodeJS with NPM async. Async.js replaces render-blocking JavaScript with async.js, which improves web page performance. Say Every website contains JavaScript files, which are used to code website interactions. When users visit your site, they will see this code on their displays. Visitors will see nothing if the code does not load. Async.js allows you to load JavaScript material alongside other files. It can even speed up the loading of JavaScript content on occasion. It also works with browsers, in addition to Node.js. It allows you to use it in any project, whether it uses Node.js or not. More than twenty functions are within your control with the Async NodeJS library.


5. Passport

For Node.js developers, Passport is a one-of-a-kind authentication module. Passport is a Node.js authentication middleware that works with Express.

Passport’s major objective is to assist with authentication requests, which it accomplishes by using third-party plugins that operate as authentication methods, also known as strategies.

There are hundreds of authentication methods to select from when exploring the 480+ Strategies, ranging from internal ones to external ones like Facebook, Google, and many more.


6. Morgan

Morgan is one of the most popular libraries for Node developers, with millions of downloads every month. Easily the most trustworthy HTTP logger in the Node.js world. Morgan is an HTTP request logger that saves HTTP requests and gives you a clear picture of how your app is being used, as well as any potential problems or other issues you haven’t looked at yet.


7. Nodist

Nodist is the way to go if you're looking for a complete Node.js and NPM version manager for Windows. For your convenience, it completely supports CMD, Powershell, Git bash, and Cygwin.

If you're unfamiliar with using a Windows manager, read through the installation process with installer and chocolatey to ensure a successful installation. After reading the complete manual, you'll have all the knowledge you need about using, troubleshooting, testing, building, and activating Nodist.

You can also contact the author if you want to exchange ideas or if you run into any errors along the road.


8. Nodemailer

Sending an email is a critical and sensitive task within your apps. Your end-users should be able to conduct email transactions in a secure manner. Nodemailer is a Node.js package that makes sending emails as simple as pie. The MIT license applies to Nodemailer.

It’s Windows support - NPM may be used to install it on Windows. There are no constructed dependencies, just like any other module. Its documentation is extensive and includes numerous examples that demonstrate how to use Nodemailer with SMTP. Nodemailer has only one module and no dependencies. It places a strong emphasis on security after all no one likes RCE flaws.


9. Multer

Multer is a node.js middleware library that handles multipart/form-data and is mostly used for file uploads. For best efficiency, it is written on top of busboy. Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian, and Portuguese versions of this README NodeJs library are also available. Multer populates the request object with a body object and a file or files object. The values of the form's text fields are stored in the body object, while the files uploaded via the form are stored in the file or files object.


10. Bower

External libraries, tools, frameworks, and other JavaScript-related utilities are required for a fully working modern website. Managing these utilities can be time-consuming and difficult.

Bower can be useful package management in such cases. It has the ability to manage JavaScript, CSS, and HTML components.

Bower is also capable of handling typefaces and graphic material. It safely categorizes all of the Node.js Packages you're using, examines them for potential threats on a regular basis, and keeps them up to date.


11. Moment

Moment.js is one of the most well-maintained and safe time manipulation libraries available. It is highly recommended for difficulties including formatting, parsing, converting, and working with various time formats.

Moment.js was rebuilt Node JS Package to support the new ES6 syntax in its recent v2 release. This has improved browser performance while also increasing its modularity.


12. Lodash

Lodash is a utility library that simplifies working with arrays, numbers, objects, texts, and other data types in JavaScript easier. Iterating arrays of objects and strings, manipulating and testing values, and creating composite functions are all easy with Lodash modular methods. Lodash comes in a number of different builds and module formats.

The collection of functional utilities designed to work with the lodash tools is futil-js.


13. MongoDB Node.JS Driver

As previously stated, MySQL is quite popular among database administrators, but MongoDB is as well. This library will provide a necessary driver for people who want to use MongoDB in their Node.js projects in its entirety.

It will provide you with the necessary space to fully use MongoDB in your Node projects.


14. Chalk

Chalk is a simple library for styling terminal strings. Its API is straightforward, and it integrates seamlessly with all of JavaScript's inherent features. A NodeJs library with an expressive API, fast performance, no dependencies, and styles can be nested.


15. UglifyJS2

UglifyJS2 takes care of the time-consuming task of compressing and minifying your JavaScript scripts. UglifyJS is a JavaScript parser, minifier, and beautifier toolkit.

It is vital for a web page's good performance because it frees up space that may be used to load other content.

Performance improves by milliseconds- How is that for impact? UglifyJS2 specifically assists you in this by allowing you to improve the performance of your webpage. It's also versatile, convenient, and practical.


16. Cheerio

Cheerio makes it easier to use jQuery on the server-side. It's speedy, versatile, and is a stripped-down version of core jQuery, which was created with the server in mind.


17. Underscore.Js

Underscore.js is a JavaScript utility library that supports the standard functional functions (each, map, reduce, filter, and so on) without extending any fundamental JavaScript objects.


Wrapping UP

As the saying goes- what is best for one person may not be so good for another. We chose to go the extra mile and investigate packages that are both highly sought after and extremely valuable for any project. We hope that this collection of free NodeJs Libraries and packages will assist you in saving time and money when working on your personal and commercial projects.

So many of the libraries we looked at can be used together to create a solid foundation for your next project with reliable web application development companies. If you are a node developer, feel free to share your insights on Node or other resources on NodeJs Libraries.

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