Best Practices of Application Maintenance and Support Services

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Software maintenance is just as vital as software creation. It keeps solutions agile in order to deal with changing technology and business conditions.

Consistent software maintenance and support services will increase your company's productivity, sales, and scalability, resulting in significant cost savings.

The expansion of your application is aided by IT software maintenance.

Today's application environments are diverse, and most methods for supporting and managing them are reactive, focusing on resolving immediate problems. This creates a slew of challenges, including a lack of alignment with corporate objectives.

In our previous blog post we introduced what is Application Maintenance and Support Service and why is it needed. 

Here in this blog post, we'll discuss many challenges and top strategies for making your software application effective.

Challenges to Efficient Application Support and Maintenance Services

IT software maintenance is more than just repairing bugs and mistakes when it comes to application maintenance.

According to surveys, over three-quarters of the effort goes into improving application functionality and capabilities to meet changing business needs, with the balance going into remedial actions.

IT Software application maintenance is a key concern for many firms in today's ever-changing digital landscape.

Hardware, software, and data concerns are the most typical problems that can wreak havoc on your company's IT operations. If these issues are not addressed quickly, they can have a severe negative impact on your organization.

So, what are the top five IT maintenance challenges that organizations are facing today?

As a business, you may face the following challenges when it comes to successful software application Support & Maintenance:

application maintenance and support services

1. Cost Control

It is found that product support and maintenance consume nearly 40% to 60% of the cost of the complete improvement life cycle; some of the studies also show that maintenance costs are primarily due to upgrades rather than fixes.

2. Impact Analysis

Finding the effects of a suggested change on the rest of the framework is one of the most difficult challenges in programming support.

It entails examining the appropriateness of a proposed modification and assessing the risks associated with its completion, as well as assessments of the effects on properties, energy, and development on users.

3. Corrective Changes

One of the true pricky concerns is remedial changes, which are difficult to come by because the best area to do the progressions is elusive.

  • It can be difficult to understand the codebase.
  • If the preparatory configuration is reduced, a moment shift may necessitate engineering adjustments that take a long time to complete.
  • If a complete workaround for one bug has been found, the next will be substantially more difficult to break.

Outline errors are difficult to fix since they need a significant amount of time and effort, as well as a thorough understanding of the entire codebase, and they are associated with risks.

4. Adaptive Modifications

Adaptive alterations are frequently challenging due to a lack of information about the product being changed. It's difficult to grasp the numerous realities of the new invention to comply with.

Similarly, affecting study and locating interfaces to new things is difficult. Concerns arise as a result of a skewed preliminary outline.

5. Program Understanding

Another challenge is system cognizance, which implies that application maintenance project architects should devote a significant amount of time to reading and comprehending the code, as well as the relevant documentation.

It is done in order to gain a better understanding of its development and structure in order to maintain a piece of programming and improve the quality of software.

Delivering Solutions to the Challenges Above

Migrate to Cloud Computing:

IT software support and maintenanceservices

By migrating services to a public, private, or hybrid cloud, many enterprises can drastically lower compute costs. It offers a wide range of services at a low cost; it assists in achieving more with less effort through daily functions, enhanced agility, and the removal of redundancy.

What is the best way to do it in practice?

Becoming hybrid before going completely serverless allows you to test and improve your digital offering. You'll be able to turn on and off any components of the apps that aren't needed all of the time with a leaner, serverless infrastructure. It is, once again, a method that will assist you in limiting your spending.

It will also be easy for your distant workers to cooperate on any maintenance or DevOps tasks with a cloud-based product.


There are a variety of virtualization options available, all of which can assist lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and provide a quick return on investment (ROI).

Customers experienced 65-70 percent TCO savings in IT operations costs after virtualization, according to a study conducted by one of the leading virtualization solution suppliers.

Quality Assurance:

The most important component of any software development process is testing and assuring code quality. That isn't always the case, though. Quality Assurance does not mean ensuring that your development process is (almost) flawless at each level. It basically gives your team a new perspective on what they're doing, especially if it's being done by an outside team. Take the time to check the quality of your code when you reorganize your processes.

Automation and Standardization:


Using technology to automate everyday regular processes in the application, as well as knowledge transition (together with technology enablement) to the service desk for some specialized jobs, can significantly cut operating expenses.

It will be easier for your team to automate at least some aspects of the software development procedures once they have completed the quality documentation.

Standardization across technologies during application maintenance does actually result in significant efficiencies.

Revise Infrastructure of The Project:

It's possible that your product infrastructure has grown organically, without a clear roadmap or strategy. It can be remedied by reviewing your present structure and, where possible, implementing process optimizations.

This technique will not only make your product easier to maintain in the long run, but it will also save you money.

Make sure that any pieces of the product or tools that your team no longer requires are removed. Divide your product into smaller pieces that may be updated and developed independently at any time.

If you're utilizing custom applications, one approach to save expenses, even more, is to replace some of the components with generic SaaS solutions for things like user messaging or a performance monitoring system.

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7 Best Practices for Developing and Maintaining Successful Applications

It is not always easy to design and manage apps, but by following this application maintenance best practices, firms may ensure a speedy time-to-market and long-term success.

Software support and maintenance services (1)

  1. Collaborate with someone who knows what they're doing. When it comes to developing and maintaining high-quality applications, an application development partner can be a significant resource. Choose a partner that is experienced, communicative, and provides continuing assistance for the greatest results.

  2. Educate Your Team To deliver the greatest results, ensure that your internal staff is well-versed in your apps. Prioritize team training around new applications or existing application modifications.

  3. Create a strategy document Writing detailed software documentation, contrary to popular belief, is a crucial element of the application maintenance process. Remember that the documentation's primary goal is to detail how code should function, with examples to back it up. It should also be as practical, comprehensible, and concise as possible, so avoid superfluous jargon. ****

    By adequately documenting and disseminating application development and maintenance strategies, you can ensure that all parties involved are on the same page.

  4. UX testing A successful application relies heavily on the user experience. To detect and sort out any potential bugs from time to time while maintaining the application. Test from the standpoint of the end-user.

  5. Maintain your composure To keep your applications compliant and avoid penalties, stay up to date on application requirements, policies, and procedures.

    Keep enhancing your application features to retain your customers.

  6. Make communication a top priority Communication is crucial for smooth application maintenance process. Keep in touch with all involved internal and external teams on a regular basis to ensure that you can work together as smoothly as feasible.

  7. Be adaptable and flexible in your approach. Your applications should be tailored and maintained to your existing organizational structure, market, and financial situation, but they should also be adaptable and flexible in the event that these factors alter.

These recommended practices for application development and maintenance from web application development companies ensure that apps are of high quality. Even if it has a few bug interruptions, maintenance services can easily handle those.

Get the Most Out of Your Application Maintenance

The latest software allows businesses to automate a variety of routine tasks in order to increase corporate value. Application support and maintenance services enable businesses to effectively manage all parts of the software products, from design and coding to testing, continuous improvement and debugging.

Maintain and upgrade business-critical applications around the clock to improve their stability, decrease downtime, lower maintenance costs, and get the most out of your applications.

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