All About Progressive Web App Development: Feature, Benefits & Pricing

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Mobile users are 5 times more likely to abandon your website after having a poor experience.

52 percent of users usually avoid engaging with brands that provide poor UX.

These mobile UX stats showcase the importance of mobile experience to retain users in your website.

Nowadays, with proper representation of your brand on mobile devices with the help of a custom mobile app development services, you can effectively gain higher conversions and enhance overall reach. Further, it also solves accessibility woes for your business and helps you access multiple targets.

However, if you are just starting or have a limited budget, creating a mobile application might not be a feasible option for your business.

A better alternative to this would be to adapt to progressive web app development.

It can help you provide app-like navigation to your users without investing in traditional mobile application development. If this sounds like an approach that can provide your business liberation from a high bounce rate, stay tuned!

Progressive web app development is also the solution to mobile app fatigue.

Mobile app fatigue

Go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, there are thousands of smartphone apps to choose from, which will make you dizzy.

Both entrepreneurs and consumers may face difficulties as a result of this abundance.

According to the latest survey, 61% of consumers will refuse to download a new app in order to communicate with a company.

Even when a person uninstalls any app, that brand loses a potential customer/ user. Uninstalls are caused by a variety of factors. Clevertap, a mobile marketing business, has compiled a list of the most common reasons why users delete mobile apps.

"App fatigue" is the correct word used to describe the scenario when clients become tired of multiple similar applications.

PWA-developementAnd Progressive web app development is the solution to this.

Why Companies Should Start Using Progressive Web App Development?

Progressive Web App (PWA) is arguably one of the most talked-about technology shifts in the digital world today, has amassed unrivaled clout in IT circles all around the world.

In other words, you can enjoy a comprehensive mobile experience without having to download an app from the store.

Companies nowadays go beyond simply creating a professional website to promote their products and services. To effectively communicate with customers, they build mobile applications.

However, with so many apps currently accessible, this method has recently begun to lose effectiveness. It's no coincidence that companies like AliExpress and OLX are now aggressively investing in progressive web app development instead of or in addition to mobile app development.

A few challenges that users face for installing, maintaining, and using several apps on a single device are:

  1. App size
  2. Data and storage consumption
  3. Availability of the Internet
  4. Updates that are excessive
  5. There are too many permissions.
  6. Required to fill all the personal information
  7. Alternatives to the same service are available.

Can Progressive web app development, however, overcome these obstacles? Is this the best approach to connect mobile and online users?

Yes, progressive web apps basically have the power to solve all the challenges mentioned above. Progressive web app development bridges the gap between online and mobile by providing users with a native-like experience in their web browser.


Defining Progressive Web App Development in Brief

PWAs are commonly known as Progressive web apps. Progressive web app development can assist your website to provide an app-like navigation experience for mobile device users.

Further, progressive web app development also allows your website to send notifications, reminders, etc. just like a native mobile application. Users can also download your web app for efficient accessibility. Moreover, you can also handle a range of connectivity issues such as low network, data obstruction, and lack of connectivity.

As with the help of services from the progressive web app development company, you can efficiently deliver a static version of your website. It can help you ensure smooth navigation during connectivity issues to ensure a smooth navigation experience.

It serves as a great alternative to heavy native applications and also helps merchants with affordable maintenance.

To create PWAs you will need a PWA development framework according to your business needs. Check this blog to know more about these frameworks.

Let's Look at Some of the Features of Progressive Web App Development

Here are some reasons PWA’s are a great technology for your company to adopt:

  • It provides an excellent user experience that meets modern web standards.
  • You get a native app-like experience with all of the features.
  • HTTPS is used to secure PWAs against threats and vulnerabilities.
  • They are constantly current.
  • They're responsive and perform well on a variety of devices, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones.
  • They never stop working because of poor connectivity or slow internet.
  • PWAs can be shared using a link and do not require any additional software.

Top Benefits of Working with PWA Development Company for PWA Integration

Suppose you have an interview for your dream job, to calm yourself you went to order yourself a coffee from Starbucks.

While ordering you notice a long line, and downloading an app going through adding all the required information is not what you want at that moment.

Now what! Attend your interview with a jittery feeling?

No, right! Here is where PWA’s help customers.


Aiming at providing accessible, user-friendly online ordering to all of their customers, Starbucks built a PWA of the ordering system on the web, which delivers a similar experience to their existing native app.

With brands such as Google Meet and Spotify using progressive web app development to enhance their user’s experience, it is a must-have for businesses.

So, PWAs integration with assistance from a Progressive web app development company is not only an alternative for a native application, but they can also open up the realms of better reach and accessibility for your online business.

To help you understand aspects that you can enhance by using PWAs, here’s a list of benefits of adapting to PWA with the help of the Progressive web app development company:

1. App-like Navigation

Downloading mobile applications for one-time purchases or services can be quite a hassle for users and compromise on user experience for mobile devices into the wise option.

In such scenarios, integrating with progressive web app development help you provide an app-like navigation experience in the mobile browser for securing efficient navigation. Further, you won't have to force your buyer to get an app for accessing effective navigation.


2. Cost-Effective

PWAs are bliss for startups and SMBs with a limited budget. It will help you to make your business mobile-friendly without having to invest in the Native mobile application development process. Further, PWAs are usually manageable and are one-time investments contrary to Native applications.

So, you can bid adieu to consistent worries about the management and updates. Hence, we can conclude that for an affordable tech solution to make your business mobile-friendly, hiring a PWA app development company can be a great choice.

3. Faster Development

PWAs work on headless architecture. As a result, it works as an independent entity from the backend, which makes personalization a faster and hassle-free process. Further, it provides you the flexibility to use the technology of your choice. As a result, a Progressive web app development company can help you create a digital solution that fits your business-specific needs with ease.

4. Better Performance

A progressive web app's performance improves as a result of its ability to function efficiently, operate like a website, cache, and serve text, images, and other content. This type of software improves not only page loading times, but also user experience, retention rates, and customer loyalty.

Check out PWA eCommerce development: Perks, Process, and Our work to know how Progress web app development can help your eCommerce business grow exponentially. 

Are There Disadvantages of Progressive Web Apps?

Everything in this world has its advantages and disadvantages. Below are three bitter-sweet disadvantages of progressive web app development.

1. Decentralized search

A user cannot simply go to the app store and look for the required app or just pick one at random. Either users know exactly what they want or they won't find it.

2. Not for Apple lovers

Apple fans will be disappointed to learn that while Microsoft and Google are working to establish and support the creation of PWAs, Apple does not appear to be interested in following their guidelines. Despite the fact that Safari already supports PWAs, the functionality is limited, and consumers are unable to take advantage of all of the technology's advantages.

3. Isolation

Because PWAs are geographically divided, they are unable to share resources or data.

When should you use native apps instead of PWA apps?

Even though PWAs have a lot of advantages, native apps are occasionally a superior option. If you want to use a native app, you should:

  • You want to give your users the best experience possible (faster and smoother animations),
  • Your app needs to interact with other native applications,
  • Your app should have more features than a PWA (for example, geofencing),
  • You want to customize and expand the user interface.
  • Advanced features are required for your app (for example, social networks).
  • Running powerful web apps on a smartphone depletes the battery quickly.

The Cost of Developing a PWA

The cost of progressive web app development services is a difficult subject to answer. The reality is that no two projects are alike, as much depends on the complexity of your website.

In addition, the progressive web app development company's methodologies, technology, and domain expertise varied, as do the charges.

The primary elements determining total spending on developing a progressive web application are listed below.

  1. The complexity of the project

The final cost of the product you will receive is heavily influenced by the intricacy of your future progressive app.

Check out the rough cost estimation with respect to project size:

Complexity Cost
Simple PWA $5,000- $10,000
Average PWA $10,000- $25,000
Complex and feature-rich $25,000-$50,000
  1. The number of web pages that need to be cached

The number of HTML pages on your website that should be cached should be considered. The more pages on your platform, the more expensive it will be to convert to PWAs.

  1. Approach for development

Let's take a closer look at these options to see how they might affect the overall cost of developing a PWA.

  • Ready-made PWA software

These technologies allow businesses to reduce the time and, more importantly, the cost of implementing PWAs. If you have special business requirements, however, it is not the ideal alternative.

  • Custom PWA development

To cater special needs of your business and use PWA at its optimal level, you may find this solution to be the most appropriate.

Here are the hourly rates of PWA development in different countries:

Countries Hourly Rate Overall Average Project Cost Estimation
USA/ Canada $70- $130 $40,000- $70,000
Australia $50- $100 $35,000- $ 60,000
UK $40- $80 $30,000- $50,000
India $25- $50 $20,000- $35,000

PWAs are used by well-known companies to improve their performance

PWA Web App Development ExamplesGoogle Inc. is a strong supporter of progressive app development, believing it to be the future of software.

Progressive web apps, such as 2048 or BreakLock, can also be used to make games more enjoyable. PWAs are also used by well-known entertainment platforms like 9GAG, coffee shop venture Starbucks, and the popular Google Maps service.

Google and Microsoft are both fans of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), as both businesses see significant promise in this technology.

Uber PWA

Uber was a native app that was converted to a PWA. The necessity to be able to cater to everybody without regard for network connectivity or device prompted this change. As a result, Uber's PWA was created to work quickly even on a 2G connection. The basic app now loads in 3 seconds and there is no need to download an app to get a ride.

Forbes PWA

Forbes had a progressive year in 2017. A PWA was an excellent alternative for their goal of re-designing the user experience and bringing high-speed performance. Forbes discussed their shift and noted that progressive web apps had several advantages.

PWA is a perfect opportunity for a business to broaden its circle of influence and take a firm position online as mobile devices gradually overtake desktops.

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