Cost Estimation To Hire PWA Developer for Development

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Consider a website that provides a consistent smartphone user experience without requiring you to design for several devices.

Your website will load faster, be more immersive, and be more reliable with a Progressive Web App.

And, much like a native app, it can work offline and, if necessary, access your microphone, GPS, and camera, giving you all of the advantages of a mobile app on your website.

Because today's impatient visitors want instant satisfaction, site performance is critical to the success of any online business. With push notifications and offline browsing, you can stay accessible around the clock, upsell, cross-sell, and increase the loyal users of your business.

And all this is possible because of PWA developers!

PWA developers build these lightning-fast apps that have the feel of native apps.

Here you'll discover everything you need to know about the cost to hire PWA developer or a team of developers for PWA development so you can get the most out of your money.

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Factors to Consider While Hiring a PWA Developer

Over the last few years, the need for software developement company assistance has increased, and there are no indicators that it will decrease anytime soon.

Technical expertise is in high demand, and the cost of employing a PWA developer is higher than it has ever been. Hiring developers is an expensive upfront investment that can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

To begin with, don't waste your time and money recruiting a mishmash of freelancers who may or may not agree with your vision and have an understanding of your project.

You shouldn't have to risk your bucks just to find out if a team of freelancers can work out.

Working with an experienced team is an ideal option.

The cost to hire PWA developers for developing a progressive web app is determined by a variety of factors.

Let's look at a few of them in more detail.

Factors-for-hiring-PWA-developers1. Scope of the project

The cost of developing an app is mostly determined by the scope of your project.

A small project necessitates less time and fewer developers for the development process. As a result, such initiatives are less expensive.

Larger projects will almost certainly necessitate more team members, time, and money.

A project manager, business analyst, QA engineer, mobile/ web app developer, and UI/UX designer are typical members of a development team.

  Number of Developers Team Members
Small PWA App 2-3 Project manager, mobile app developer, and UI/UX designer
Average PWA App 3-5 Project manager, front-end and back-end app developers, and UI/UX designer
Large PWA App 5-7 Project manager, business analyst, QA engineer, front-end and back-end app developers, and UI/UX designer

2. Complexity of the project

The cost of developing a progressive web application is also determined by the project's complexity.

The more complicated something, the more the hiring costs get. In most cases, complex projects necessitate the use of experienced and competent designers and developers.

3. Technical Specifications

The cost of hiring a PWA developer is determined by the amount of technical skillset the developer has. The more technical features you want to add, and the more intricate they are, the more you'll have to pay.

This aspect is inextricably linked to the project's complexity. You'll need a team of experts with a lot of expertise in building PWAs.

Companies who wish to give their users more advanced options frequently have to pay more.

4. Developer’s Experience

Developers’ skillset and their experience go together. The cost of hiring a PWA developer is impacted by the developer's experience. There's nothing complicated about this. The higher the cost of the project, the more experienced developer is required for your project from custom mobile app development services.

When assessing experience, take into account the number of years spent working in the industry, examples of previously built apps, customer feedback, and so on.

Developer’s Profile Average Salary Expertise
Junior Developer $60,000- $90,000 HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Git, Basic graphic design
Associate Developer $70,000- $105,000 HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Git Database and Backend Tech, Libraries and Frameworks, Testing and Debugging, Web hosting, Deployment with DevOps
Senior Developer $100,000- $140,000 HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Git Database and Backend Tech, Libraries and Frameworks, Testing and Debugging, SEO, Web hosting, Third-party integrations, Responsive web development skills, Cloud integration
  1. Functionality

All of the actions that your platform may perform are referred to as functionality. The product's main value is in its functioning. To ensure that your future progressive web application runs well, you'll need an experienced team with knowledge of application architecture, logic, and navigation.

It's no surprise that competent and experienced designers and developers are more expensive than freelancers with no security.

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PWA developers: In-House or Outsourced developer team

Cost per Hire (per month)

PWA developer cost

It is clear from the table above why outsourcing is a better option!

The next question that comes to mind is from which region to outsource the PWA developer or the PWA development team.

Why India Make it a Great Option to Hire PWA Developers

As you may be aware, the cost of developing a progressive web app varies based on where you are.

India is becoming a prominent outsourcing destination for organizations. Thousands of brilliant Indian developers enter the market each year and produce exceptional goods.

Engineers, software developers, and IT professionals from India are known around the world for their ingenuity, problem-solving abilities, solid experience in a variety of old and new technologies, high English proficiency, and, most significantly, cost-effective services.

India has become an IT hub for companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, TCS, Infosys, Wipro, and others.

By offshore their custom software development needs to India, firms can save between 20% and 30% on their IT costs.

Regional PWA developer rates per hour:

PWA Developers Cost

Let's look at the numbers in more detail.

Experience USA UK Australia Singapore France India
Junior Developer $86,400 $76,800 $86,400 $57,600 $49,920 $38,400
Mid-Level Developer $115,200 $105,600 $111,360 $86,400 $67,200 $67,200
Senior Developer $153,600 $142,080 $145,920 $124,800 $92,160 $86,400

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