25+ Free React Templates and Themes

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Nothing beats getting something for free. Freebies and giveaways are always beneficial to any business in the short and long term. The same goes for free web design resources. When skilled web developers provide free tools or goods, they gain exposure for their skills and expand their opportunities.

Developers may use React templates to quickly get their websites up and running without starting from scratch. React is a JavaScript toolkit for creating interactive user interfaces for web and mobile apps. It may be hard to build a good and subtle user experience for your dashboard, app interface, or admin section. Reactjs web templates shorten the time it takes to code websites, speed up the development process, and save money.

So, in this collection, you'll find a wide range of templates and themes to let you design almost anything you want. These templates feature plugins, widgets, stand-alone components, dashboards, online portfolios, component compositions, and style options, as well as a ready-made design of full-fledged pages. 

Here are some free react templates to get you started. Let's dive into it.

Free React Templates & Themes

1. BLK Design System React

BLK Design System React template contains over 70 different components, providing you with complete control. Because all elements are implemented, you will save a lot of time from prototyping to fully functional code using this template. Colors, styles, hover, and focus all have many states for each element. Isn't it amazing?

2. Open 

react.js web template

Open is a free React template for developers who want to make a professional landing page for their open-source projects, online services, products, etc. Open temp-plate provides a comprehensive library of elegant, minimalistic, and reusable components and parts to capture more leads and email subscribers.

3. Holly 

Holly is a React JS template for online services for producers that wish to start collecting email addresses while their main product is still being developed. Holly comes with pre-designed parts and is extremely simple to set up. Cruip developed this simple template in HTML and then re-coded it in React for this version.

4. React Nice Resume

If you're a developer, designer, or digital artist in general, React Nice Resume is a lovely react theme to use to market yourself and your work. This resource features a fixed hero section with a particle background, a work experience timeline, talents graphs, thumbnails to display the most recent projects, and an inquiry area with functional input forms.

5. Tabler

Tabler is a Bootstrap-based React template that is free and open source. It has a variety of well-designed components, with a high-quality user interface that includes widgets, an admin dashboard, a photo gallery, and more. It has flexible data elements and charts with great back-end possibilities. 

6. Treact

Treact is a collection of free rich galleries of React templates and UI components built with TailwindCSS as the front-end framework. This stunning collection of materials includes 7 main pages, 8 secondary pages, and 52 pre-designed parts and sections. Every piece of information may be customized and scaled for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

7. Material Kit React

React templates- material kit

Material Kit React is a Material Design-inspired UI kit. It has a variety of buttons, inputs, a progress bar, a navigation bar, and Javascript components, among other things. Whatever you can think of, the Material Kit React has it. It has 60+ Pre-built elements and is fully documented and coded.

8. OAH-Admin

OAH-Admin is a free React scalable admin dashboard template built with the OAH-UI components and elements package and based on Gatsby. The incredibly tidy and versatile structure of this React template allows developers to simply design any kind of SaaS-based web application, admin panel, dashboard, and so on. It has numerous well-developed and elegant UI accessories.

9. Now UI Kit

Now UI Kit by Invision and Creative Tim has made React a free Bootstrap 4, React, React Hooks, and Reactstrap UI Kit.

The capabilities of the Now UI Kit React are unrivaled. It was released around a year ago and has received over 11,756 downloads so far. This react template is something you should certainly look into.

10. MatX

React native template

MatX is a well-designed React Native template based on Material Design. This Admin Dashboard template was created with React, Redux, and Material UI, and it offers all of the functionality you'll need to rebrand your website. Material UI components, Code splitting, Form elements, Sign-in pages, JWT authentication, and more are among the features. . You may easily set up admin panels, user management systems, and project management systems with the free version of this template.

11. Shards Dashboard Lite

Shards Dashboard Lite is another free React admin dashboard template pack that includes a modern design system as well as a variety of custom templates and components. Its design is simple yet attractive and modern, making it ideal for a variety of applications. It's created with Bootstrap and implemented with create-react-app to provide your admin dashboard with a robust structure. Shards use the Flux architecture for state management, allowing you to create amazing client-side web apps. It is entirely responsive, fast, and adheres to all industry best practices.

12. Gatsby Starter Ghost

With this starting react template built on top of Gatsby, you can easily develop responsive and lightning-fast websites. Gatsby Starter Ghost is a fresh and modern blog, magazine, or news website template. This software was created to assist anyone in creating a personal online place where they can share thoughts, ideas, and updates.

13. Notus React 

Notus is a free and open-source react.js web template. With this resourceful option, you can make it happen on both the front-end and back-end. Notus also employs a contemporary design aesthetic that produces a nice ambiance. Furthermore, the layout is completely fluid, adapting to various screen sizes in real-time. This react template includes dynamic components for ReactJS, Vue, and Angular, as well as numerous HTML elements. You have a lot of alternatives to personalize the outcome to your liking with a large assortment of one hundred different components.

14. Carolina Admin Dashboard

Carolina Admin Dashboard template includes everything you need to get your online project up and running if you're seeking a beautiful and effective React dashboard design. This elegant template is based on the Material-UI framework and has a clean and modern style that follows all Google's Material Design principles. Last but not least, the basic structure is open source and responsive.

15. Chakra UI

Chakra UI is also a free react template of reusable and accessible React functional components that make creating accessible websites and user interfaces a breeze. Chakra UI allows you to quickly create accessible React apps. It's a basic, modular, and accessible component library that provides the building blocks you'll need to create React apps. Almost every element in Chakra UI is dark mode compliant, adheres to the WAI-ARIA requirements, and is built on top of a React UI Primitive for infinite reusability.

16. Argon Design System

With a React design system for Bootstrap 4 and Reactstrap, you can get started on your next web design project. Argon Design System has over 100 unique components, pre-built examples, and different states for styles, hover, and focus that anybody can access and experiment with. Because everything is already implemented, this product is a great way to go from prototyping to fully functional code.

17. Devias Kit - Admin Dashboard

React template- Devias Kit

This is a free React template for building a dashboard with Material UI components and React to help you speed up your app development. This template includes clear directories and files, with quick-start documentation and Sketch files if you wish to make quick design modifications. It supports Google and Facebook authentication, as well as a variety of fonts, icons, and material design technology.

18. Ant Design Landing

Ant Design react template helps in building landing pages. This react free template includes a flexible and extremely robust online editor that you can use to construct endless dedicated pages that appear consistent with the rest of the website. It also has a variety of front and inner page modules that you can quickly configure and launch for your projects.

19. React Reduction

React Reduction is an admin react template developed with React and Bootstrap 4 that is free and open source. Charts, typography, pages, widgets, cards, components, and more are all included. Buttons, forms, drop-downs, badges, alerts, input groups, modals, and progress bars are some of the components. Furthermore, React Reduction features modern, engaging, and colorful elements that are excellent for any application.

20. Airframe

The airframe is a Reactjs web template based on Bootstrap 4 and React 16. It's free and open source. This template will allow you to create an amazing and captivating responsive application with a wonderful user experience. It has a minimalist design and revolutionary Light UI. The airframe was created in particular for large-scale projects that require detailed documentation. The airframe also has 10+ variations and 120+ pages with an adaptable responsive design.

21. React Material Admin

React Material Admin is a jQuery and Bootstrap-free react dashboard built on top of the Material-UI framework. This react template is an excellent starting point for creating front-end solutions for SaaS apps, E-Commerce platforms, IoT dashboards, or any other web-based product. New gems and bonuses are added to the template regularly.

22. React JS Landing

For startups, digital agencies, and product-related organizations, React JS Landing template is a one-page react app template. Amazing icons, galleries, customizable forms, and more can be found in this easy react app design. This one-page react template has a parallax scrolling effect for distinct scrollable parts, a thumbnail gallery to display product features or benefits, many ready-made icons, a meet the team component, and a full-width hero to display photographs or videos.

23. Isomorphic

Isomorphic is an easy-to-manage admin react template with several customizable components, all of which have been designed to be melodious and combined into magnificent web-based apps. With Isomorphic, you can rapidly adapt any current admin project by configuring new navigation positions, widths, and color schemes.

24. Rebass

Rebass is a simple UI component react template created with the styled-system library. It's widely regarded as one of the greatest React component libraries available. Rebass react template is responsive and includes features such as styled components, flexbox, and more.

25. Material PRO

Material Pro is a free React Native admin dashboard template that has been painstakingly constructed for anyone looking for one. This react template is a nice and crisp product that was created using modular and modern design concepts, is completely free to use and download, and includes a large number of pages to assist you in creating your projects much faster and easier.

26. Blueprint

React theme

Blueprint is a web-based React UI theme and toolkit. This theme is designed to create complicated, data-dense web-based interfaces for desktop applications that work in a variety of browsers, including Internet Explorer 11. Blueprint template, unlike many other similar tools, does not take a mobile-first approach.

27. Gatsby Simplefolio

Gatsby Simplefolio is a React portfolio template for developers, engineers, and programmers that is clean, elegant, and responsive. The interface of the Gatsby Simplefolio react template is quite user-friendly, and the template includes instructions for getting a clone of the project up and running on your local workstation for development and testing. If you want to deploy the project on a live system, you can also check for notes. Gatsby's image optimization and modern reveal animations are included in it.

Wrapping it UP

We hope that this collection of free React templates and themes will assist you in saving time and money when working on your personal and commercial projects. Please feel free to share any other resources on react templates and themes.

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