Budget Breakdown For Hiring Offshore React Development Services

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According to the State of Frontend survey, React is one of the most promising frontend development technologies that developers would like to engage with.

Source: State Frontend Survey

More than 40 percent of businesses use React.js as their core technology making it the most popular framework in 2022.

Source: Statista
Hiring React Developer

The popularity stats clearly show that React is here for the long run!! Be it a website streaming app or your dream SAAS platform, there’s rarely a thing in the sphere of tech that you can’t achieve with React UI frameworks.

Further, with a plethora of remarkable applications being built using React such as Facebook, Airbnb, and Netflix, we can conclude that web application development companies is filled with extraordinary talent. Hence, ensuring ease of hiring react developers to bring their ideas into reality.

However, finding the right fit might take you down to limbo, and that’s exactly why we’re here. With this article, we’ll try to answer all your hiring woes so that you can find the right offshore React development agency for your project.

React.js: Introduction, Benefits & Features

Before we unveil the secrets to hiring offshore React development services efficiently, let’s first look into this frontend development technology.

React is an open-sourced javascript-based frontend development library that provides developers with reusable UI/UX components to facilitate a rapid development process. It is maintained by the Meta community and is popular for real-time project development.

By using React for your development, your project will have the following perks:

  • Rapid development process due to component-based structure
  • A scalable solution as it allows efficiently functionality expansion
  • Community support for overcoming development challenges
  • Highly flexible as it can easily integrate third-party tools and APIs

Hence, using React by hiring offshore React development services can be a great option for brands that seek rapid development processes and scalable frontend solutions for their business.

Finding The Right Offshore React Development Agency For Your Project

Although hiring offshore React development services can help you create efficient digital solutions to cater to your business needs. To ensure successful project completion hiring the right fit is a must.

However, for this, you must consider a variety of factors while hiring React developers for your project.

Here’s how each of these factors impacts the hiring of React.js developer’s skills, charges, and overall timeline:

1. The Size Of Project

The level of expertise you need from your offshore React development services team directly depends on the size of the project. Here’s how different size of project requires a different set of skills

Hiring React Developer
  • Small Scale Project: If your project requires a few basic features and integrations, you might not need the best developer but one who is competent enough to get the job done. Such projects can easily be fulfilled by hiring React developers with junior or mid seniority level expertise.
  • Medium Scale Project: Solutions that require a mix of basic and complex features and is fairly vast falls into the category of mid-scale project. To ensure the successful completion of such a project you might have to hire more than one remote React developer with a mix of Junior and mid-senior levels.
  • Enterprise-Grade Project: Large-scale projects with business-specific and complex functionalities fall into the enterprise-grade project category. To ensure the successful completion of such projects, you will need a team of React.js experts with mid seniority, senior, and junior level developers in it. This makes it costlier than small and mid-scale projects

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2. Feature Complexity

The complexity of the project decides the level of expertise, number of developers, and overall budget you need to ensure successful completion.

For example, for a web app with basic features such as login, basic cart, and push notification you’ll need a development team well versed in React.js and basic web development technologies.

However, for complex AI, AR, and ML-related features, hiring offshore React development services experienced with multiple advanced technologies or hiring a dedicated team is a must. This will eventually cost more than hiring a developer to implement basic functionality.

3. Time Constraints

Time is also a crucial factor that you must access to ensure smooth contractual hiring offshore React development services for your business. This is interdependent on other crucial factors such as the complexity and size of your project.

For example, simple and small-scale projects will take just a few weeks to months to get finished which makes them less costly. Whereas, enterprise-scale projects which might take a longer time for offshore  completion will generally cost you more.

4. Budget

Budget is another crucial factor to access before hiring offshore React development agency. If you need highly expert React developers with additional skills to cater to complex projects, they’ll cost more. Whereas, junior react developers for a basic project will cost you comparatively less.

However, if your business needs do not fit your budget, talking to business experts to find a sustainable alternative is a must.

5. Based On Expertise

Hiring React Developer

Junior React.js Developer

Beginner-level developer with at most 3 years of experience comes under the category of Junior React.js Developer. A junior-level React.js developer has expertise in technologies such as React.js, JS, Typescript, JavaScript, HTML & CSS.

They are usually the perfect fit for crafting simple and small-scale projects. Further, they can also assist in enterprise-scale project development by performing code review, assisting in UI tasks, and helping with bug fixes as well.

The cost of hiring a junior React developer ranges from $74,000 to $ 94,936 per year

Mid-Level React.js Developer

React.js developers with 3 to 5 years of experience come under the category of Mid-level React.js developers. Apart from having expertise on the technologies same as junior React developers they usually are skilled in working with API, React testing libraries, DevOps, etc.

Mid-level React developers are a perfect fit for mid-scale projects and assisting in enterprise-scale solution development. Further, mid-scale developers who can write infrastructure as code and work with automated deployment can also help in application maintenance as well.

The cost of hiring a mid-level React.js developer ranges from $61,625 to $108,175 per year

Senior React.js Developer

Senior React.js Developers has almost 5 to 7 years of experience in crafting industry-specific React-based projects. A senior React.js developer usually has a wider range of skillset. It includes third-party integrations, knowledge of ML/AI/AR, and an in-depth experience with AWS, Microsoft Azure, etc.

A senior React-based developer can easily assist you with integrating and managing advanced enterprise-scale processes. Further, they can also nurture and help junior and mid-level React developers in improving their skills without any hassles.

The cost of hiring a senior React.js developer ranges from $125,000 to $149,000 per year

How To Find The Right React Developer For Your Business?

From the above-mentioned data, you’ll be able to figure out the level of expertise you need for the successful completion of your project with the help of offshore React.js development services.

However, this might not be enough for you to find the best choice of experts for your business according to your budget. One of the major players in this is the hiring process you choose for your business.

In-house Vs. Offshore

There are two ways to hire offshore React development services. You can either hire a dedicated team of developers for your business or you can hire offshore react developers from a remote software development agency.

However, a majority of businesses choose to outsource instead of hiring react developers permanently. As outsourcing offers a variety of perks.

  • Cost reduction
  • Helps To Focus On Core Business Activities
  • Access To Advanced Business Insights from experienced experts
  • Less Effort For Maintaining Your Tech Team

70% of Companies Choose to hire offshore React development agencies for Cost-Reduction

Source: InterSog
Hire Remote React Developers

You can learn more about the perks of Outsourcing IT services here

The Best Countries to Hire Offshore React Development Services

At this point, it is evident that with the help of offshore React development services one can save up development time, budget, and focus on business expansion. However, choosing the right location to outsource from is crucial in such cases.

Here’s what the yearly average outsourcing cost looks like for different locations:

Experience USA UK Australia Singapore France India
Junior Developer $80,000 $60,000 $70,000 $ 40,000 $38,000 $31,500
Mid-Level Developer $114,325 $72,500 $1,11,000 $ 60,000 $53,000 $45,000
Senior Developer $1,51,000 $104,000 $1,48,000 $ 82,000 $78,000 $56,000
Source: Glassdoor

From the above table, it is clear India and similar south Asian countries prove to be a great location for businesses to hire remote React developers from in terms of the overall budget.

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Countries like USA and UK have robust tech industries and the developers are exposed to tech innovation. However, the high cost of living makes hiring React developers hard for businesses.

How India & Other South Asian Countries Makes hiring React Developers Affordable

Countries such as India are emerging as major hubs for hiring offshore React development services. Every year thousands of talented Indian developers step into the market and create remarkable products.

Brands such as Microsoft, Amazon, Dell, etc. have opened up their branches in India to harness the large workforce available.

According to a Deloitte study, 59 percent of businesses are outsourcing IT staff from India for catering to their tech expansion needs.

The high priority of India as a location for hiring offshore React development services not only shows affordability but also the quality offered by Indian developers.

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