How much does it cost to hire Next.js developer?

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Whether you're a startup, an entrepreneur, or a Fortune 500 corporation, mobile, and web applications are the buzzwords in this fast-paced technology era.

According to Statista, React.js had surpassed jQuery as the most used web framework among software engineers globally in 2021.

NextJs developer

The first reason to adopt Next is that it is a React framework.

Next.js has become a popular framework for "hitting the ground running" in the React realm.

Next.js provides the best developer experience while also providing all of the functionality you'll need for production for creating a static site with interactivity, such as a blog, or a very dynamic, full-stack project, such as social networking app.

Consider it as a "batteries-included" approach to developing React apps, combined with a slew of additional super-powerful features.

Despite being a framework, Next.js maintains elements of React's idea of objectivity. Nextjs provides capabilities to enhance your overall development experience while leaving a number of alternatives open to you. You'll need access to Next.js developers, either internally or externally.

But Why Use Next.js?

Next.js: Introductions and Features

Vercel built Next.js, an open-source framework for working with React. It was introduced to serve the issue of server-side rendering and security. It bills itself as the Web's Software Development Kit, containing all of the tools required to "create the Web. Faster" (sic).

So far, the assertion has not been refuted.

Next.js is used for:

  • Server-side rendering (SSR) and static side generation (SSG)
  • Page-based routine
  • A router that is built-in
  • API routes (in /pages/API, backend code)
  • Builds for development and production that are lightning quick
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Support for ESLint and TypeScript is built-in

🏢Netflix, Starbucks, Invision,, Hulu, and many other websites and platforms that involve a large number of users dealing with complicated data influxes are some of the most amazing examples of Next.js in action.

Next.js is gaining a lot of attention from web application development companies. Here is a look


You may get a better idea of what Next.js apps can do by looking through the hundreds of example Next.js projects here.

But is Next.js better than React.js? How are they different?

Brief Comparison Next js vs React js


To begin, we must distinguish between Next js vs React on a fundamental level:

React is a "JavaScript library for constructing user interfaces". A frontend technology mostly focused on API calls, UI designing, routing, building pages, and many others.

Next.js is a React production framework.

Next.js is built on top of React, extending its capabilities and speeding up the development process. Next.js is more of a full-stack. React does not need to work with Next.js, but Next.js deploys projects using React.

Hence, Next.js is an excellent tech to use in your upcoming business projects.

Now let’s look at parameters and how much it costs to hire a NextJs developer.

Finding the Right NextJs Developer for Your Projects

To hire the right developers from software development company, go through the following parameters before hiring a developer.

Make sure to follow the parameters below, which will be beneficial to you and your business.

1. Developmental Skills

One of the major factors that affect developers’ costs is the developmental skills they possess.

  • Knowledge of Front-end and Back-end Development: Even though React.js is largely used for front-end development, someone with a strong understanding of the backend-end is needed when it comes to NextJs.
  • Knowledge of React Principles: Webpack, Rendering, Routing, Redux, and Enzyme.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Languages: JavaScript, JavaScript, and HTML.
  • Understanding of React testing libraries, API calls, user interface, development with DevOps, and database management.
  • Aside from these skills, the cost of hiring Node.js experts will be determined by error handling, code efficiency, and aptitude for troubleshooting.

2. Level of Experience

Junior Next.js Developer:

Technical Skills: They know the fundamentals of React, HTML, JavaScript, SEO, routing, designing, and page building.

These developers lack experience, they will be unable to handle difficult development situations.

Experience: 0-2 years of development experience.

Hourly Rate: $20- $45

Associate Next.js Developer:

Technical Skills: Apart from having experience on the technologies same as junior developers they usually are skilled in working with API, TypeScript, react testing libraries, Server-side rendering, error handling, DevOps, etc.

Associate developers that are capable of writing infrastructure as code and working with automated deployment can also assist with application maintenance.

Experience: 2-5 years of experience with Next.js/ React.js.

Hourly Rate: $40-$80

Senior Next.js Developer:

Technical Skills: Knowledge of full-stack development, databases like MySQL, SSR, testing, and third-party integrations.

A senior React.js developer usually has a wider range of skillset. You can quickly integrate and manage complicated enterprise-scale processes with the help of a senior React-based developer.

Experience: 5+ years of experience

Hourly Rate: $75-$120

3. Onshore or Offshore development

Finally, the development investment relies on how your firm is set up and whether you have the budget and other company requirements. However, as a general rule — and maybe we're biased!

We would suggest you go for offshore development. Here is why!

Onshore Development

Working with local developers or even in an internal team of developers to produce applications and websites within the region where you operate is onshore software development.

Clearer communication and face-to-face meetings are advantages of onshore development, whereas greater expenses and a narrower skill pool are downsides. While it's crucial to maintain a project near to home within the domain of a familiar country, it's also important to remember that just because something is created in America doesn't imply it's superior.

Offshore Development

Outsourcing Next.js web application development provides the best value for money, as you will save both time and money.

The biggest benefit of outsourcing is the significant amount of money you may save. In comparison to an in-house team, outsourcing organizations incur 30-60% fewer costs. A corporation will need to give a greater wage, vacation, taxes, and medical insurance charges for an in-house workforce. The cost of living, as well as minimum wage legislation, varies greatly around the world.

You can tap into the global talent pool by outsourcing.

Remember that one of the major disadvantages of working with an outsourced workforce is the possibility of language problems. However, programmers communicate in the universal language of code, and the software will function in the same way regardless of the programmers' native language.

Here are some other reasons that drive companies to outsource development.


From which region to outsource?

A region also affects the cost of development. While considering outsourcing, you need to make a decision on which country to outsource.

Let’s see the average cost of Nextjs developer in these 6 regions:

Experience USA UK Australia Singapore France India
Junior Developer $96,000 $66,000 $90,000 $ 45,000 $42,000 $38,000
Mid-Level Developer $1,28,000 $91,000 $1,15,800 $ 67,200 $61,900 $55,000
Senior Developer $1,75,000 $120,000 $1,52,00 $ 96,000 $90,000 $76,000

By now you must know the best price for nextjs developer outsourcing is by India and other south Asian countries.

But why do companies prefer India and other south Asian countries?

Check out these statistics to understand more.


4. Check-list for Hiring NextJs developer

Other required checks you need to do while hiring a developer:

  • Comprehend the specifications and ensure that the developer fully comprehends your company objectives.
  • While developing your communication plan, prepare communication tools.
  • Tools for task management (ClickUp, Visual Studio Online, Things, Trello)
  • Tools for video conferencing (Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Slack Video calls, LifeSize Go, Free Conference)
  • Tools for continuous integration (TeamCity, Buddy, Wercker, Codeship, Jenkins, CircleCI)
  • Hosts for source code repositories (GitLab, Bitbucket, Codeplane, CloudForge, Launchpad, GitHub)
  • Adhere to agile app development methodologies.

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