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5 billion people around the world have the ability to send and receive messages via SMS in 2018 (According to GSMA Intelligence) via messaging apps. This is a drastic increase from the 1 billion mobile subscribers in 2003. No big surprise why messengers are so well known these days. 

In spite of the way that there are enormous players in the market as messaging app WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and others, there are still enough chances to make an app like WhatsApp. All you need is a smart thought (we wager you have one), the solid software development company that you can discover at The App Solutions and reliable showcasing technique.

WhatsApp: Its Job and History

WhatsApp was established by Jan Koum and Brian Acton in 2009. Toward the year's end, it was propelled on the App Store for iPhone without any choices on the planet at the time.

This messaging app alluded to as an instant messenger, was planned to offer clients a chance to trade messages continuously utilizing mobile Internet or WiFi. Today WhatsApp is accessible for all mainstream mobile working frameworks.

This is the thing that makes it so mainstream development. This messaging application is accessible all over the place, from non-cell phones to front line gadgets. That is the reason your goal to assemble messaging application like WhatsApp is very sensible.

What can WhatsApp do?

All in all, you can do the accompanying with the help of WhatsApp:

  • send photographs;
  • send sound records;
  • share Location. A helpful element for the individuals who like voyaging;
  • send contact information;
  • send voice messages;
  • share documents;
  • send videos.

WhatsApp has rich usefulness. It has the adaptable arrangement of settings alteration. And straightforward and easy to understand interface, superior. That is the reason WhatsApp ended up a standout amongst the most prevalent envoys on the planet. And many business visionaries need to realize how to make a talk application like WhatsApp.

Many representatives consider WhatsApp messaging app as a genuine guide to begin their new business. Along these lines, to make an application like WhatsApp they have to design their financial limit and gauge potential consumptions so they have to realize the amount it will cost to make an application like WhatsApp.

Messaging App Market Share

We should see this issue somewhat more extensive than exactly at the device of trading short texts. As per the GlobalWebIndex, the selection development is around 75% of web clients that misuse some of informing applications. Then again, Business Insider demonstrates how rapidly messaging app have hit the achievement and made up for lost time with web-based social networking system clients:

As should be obvious from this diagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and Viber through and through have about 2.2 billion dynamic worldwide users for every month. The significant takeaway here is that every one of these groups of onlookers comprises of mobile users.

Set up together "The Big 4 Social Networks" clients of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, and you will see the equivalent 2.2 billion benchmarks. The main distinction here is that number additionally incorporates a great many PC just users!

Begin with WhatsApp center

When you found a decent guide on the best way to make an messaging app like WhatsApp, you ought to get to know WhatsApp's design. It's imperative to recognize what is out of sight of the application. So in this segment, we've accumulated some fundamental data which ought to be considered before you begin working with custom mobile app development services. All the WhatsApp's procedures would be inconceivable without the stuff given beneath. This is the thing that makes this ground-breaking message trade machine work.

To deal with message traffic, WhatsApp the messaging app utilizes the Ejabberd XMPP application server (FunXMPP) written in Erlang programming language. It's ideal with regards to pleasing tremendous correspondence frameworks on account of its great supportability. Erlang will be a decent choice since it adjusts to hotfixes and moment refreshes. In this way, it doesn't need to be restarted so as to include new usefulness or updates. On the off chance that you need to make the very same application, you can use Erlang on the server side as the dispatcher's geeks did. Obviously, you're allowed to pick among other server-side scripting dialects. Different applications like WhatsApp, for example, Telegram or Kik, use Node.js to code their servers.

  • To store sight and sound documents, WhatsApp utilizes an elite web server called YAWS (Yet another web server), which is additionally written in Erlang;
  • To control servers, the FreeBSD working framework was picked by the WhatsApp engineers;
  • They additionally have picked Mnesia as a database, since it's the default database for Erlang;
  • WhatsApp utilizes the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) innovation to exchange messages. This innovation gives both coordinated and multi-user text interchanges;
  • The organization rocks RC4 (Rivest Cipher 2) as a figure strategy yet is viewed as not to verify, however.

As respects the customer side improvement, the programming language can differ contingent upon what working framework keeps running on a gadget. The rest you definitely know, iOS - Objective-C or Swift, Android - Java or Kotlin. At that point we can move to the rundown of MVP includes your WhatsApp ought to incorporate.

MVP highlights to be incorporated

Congrats! We've completed with within structure of our good example messaging app. Presently it's a great opportunity to perceive what occurs on the customer side of a present-day WhatsApp.

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Registration and Address Book data

At the first run through, when a user enters the application, he needs to sign in it. The most helpful approach to do it is to use his current telephone number. In Messaging app like WhatsApp, they additionally use SMS affirmation code on the grounds that for security reasons. Along with SMS authorization, one can also use voice verification.

The following stage is to include contacts from the location book. Ensure step move is brisk and helpful. The more companions the user has in the messaging application, the more shots that he will use it. You ought to likewise consider including a Facebook profile or other interpersonal organizations relying upon the sort and motivation behind your application. This procedure takes more time and informing application advancement cost.

Profile customization choice enables users to make their profiles and express their uniqueness in a messaging app like Whatsapp. They can change names and epithets, foundation hues or examples and text styles. This alternative will cost you two or three hours of your engineers' work. To be precise it is around 12 hours for iOS application development, 16 for Android and 8 extra hours to give backend.

Message Exchange

This feature is more confused than it appears at first. It is clear that your messaging app like Whatsapp should send messages to users. Yet in addition, it's relied upon to store the chat history and give clients it on the off chance that they signed in on another gadget. For example, WhatsApp messaging app doesn't store the messages on its server which makes their life a lot simpler.


We wager that your users won't be happy with this single trademark. Particularly considering the patterns that I have depicted before. Consider different potential outcomes that include extra esteem and give a special encounter to your users. The genuine precedent is Snapchat that erases messages in a couple of moments seconds after the perusing. Additionally, clients are enamored with stickers that help to express their emotions.

Today custom stickers and grins turned into an inescapable piece of the computerized exchange and in some cases, it can transform into extra salary passage. You can give users a chance to make their stickers. This will carry you greater commitment with your application, and this is actually what we are attempting to do, right?

It will take up to 218 hours. This includes 84 hours for mobile development and 134 hours for back-end development.


This is the means by which your users realize that someone's sent him/her a message. On messaging app like WhatsApp, a client is educated around two things, when he/she is welcome to a group discussion or when another message arrives. It's completed in a method for pop-ups or pop-up messages if a gadget screen is bolted.

In what capacity can this method be executed? It very well may be made through Google Cloud Messaging or Apple Push Notifications. Your server sends the notice to your application clients by means of these cloud administrations utilizing HTTP/2 multiplex convention. Consider when you will make WhatsApp clone. It will take 15 hours in total to make this feature.

Sight and Sound Records Transmission

WhatsApp clients can likewise send short voice messages, pictures, and recordings. This is a standard alternative among a few others recorded beneath. In the event that you need your application to have similar usefulness, you can incorporate the multimedia documents transmission highlight.

The transmission system is performed by transferring an interactive media document to be conveyed to the HTTP server (hello there, YAWS), it at that point sends a connection to the substance together with its Base64 encoded thumbnail.

Once more, you can pick any of existing web servers when you choose how to make WhatsApp application. It will take 42 hours of work for app and backend development.

Location Sharing

The choice to share your location can be extremely useful for your users. Also, in the event that you make it significantly further developed. Don't be astounded if your users use it to explore one another, set up gatherings and stuff that way.

Apple MapKit and Google Location SDK give developers tools to make custom answers for various working frameworks.


Likewise, you can consider actualizing indoor geolocation advances into your application. iBeacon and Eddystone sensors can get your users when they are going by and send them messages. This innovation is prevalent among retailers now. Consider the likelihood of brand talking with the users in your application!

Voice Call

To be modern and to pull in more users, WhatsApp included the free voice calling a year ago in January (for various stages a date can fluctuate). The application utilizes your Internet traffic as opposed to your telephone's information plan minutes or cash. By squeezing a committed catch, a client can enact the voice calling. You can either take a more established adaptation of WhatsApp for instance or include this element. But, it can take extra time and cash to coordinate it.


As an ace who wouldn't like to uncover his insider facts, messsaging app like WhatsApp didn't rush to do as such. We've made a profound and comprehensive research and discovered that WhatsApp utilizes the PJSIP library to actualize Voice over IP (VoIP). This is an open source mixed media correspondence library written in C. The library utilizes an abnormal state API by joining the SIP (flagging convention) with the sight and sound system and NAT traversal usefulness. This API is reasonable for a wide range of frameworks including mobile handsets.

Settings Modification

Everything about this is incorporated into one menu called 'Settings' on WhatsApp. It is anything but a severe standard to do like the first application. Who knows, your architects will make a cooler and helpful interface. In any case, the application ought to incorporate a few fundamental things changing the application to the user's needs.

Help. Your users ought to have a chance to peruse some data about the application and to connect with you if your conference is required.

Profile settings. We are so flimsy, think about this reality. It's essential for a client to have the option to change a client pic/epithet/status.

Record settings. Three fundamental focuses must be incorporated in your messaging app like Whatsapp

  • Security: it's really a smart thought to give a user a chance to screen his ongoing activities. You may incorporate another amazing component boycott.
  • Chance to change a number: it's fundamental when a user changes his/her present telephone number. The application should make it feasible for the client to move starting with one number then onto the next.
  • Chance to erase a user's record: it's critical to have such element on the off chance that a user wouldn't like to utilize the application any longer (anyway tragic it is) or gives a gadget to another person.

With respect to the remainder of the Account Settings Menu, it's up to you what to incorporate. It could be Payment Info and Storage Usage, how it's executed in messaging app like WhatsApp.

Chat settings. Here, users can change talk backdrops, switch on/off approaching media, complete reinforcements. Discussion about reinforcement, cloud administrations are the most dynamic approach to store data. The answer to users' visit history and media synchronization ought to be given.

Warnings settings. This is significant in light of the fact that these 'folks' can be truly irritating. Notices ought to be unreservedly flexible.

Information utilization settings. Having incorporated this element, you will offer clients a chance to control the information stream.

Keep in mind, on the off chance that you need to make an messaging app like WhatsApp, you don't need to pursue the very same course as its developers. You generally have a decision! We're focusing on that all the above features weren't included at the same time!

There is no need to stuff your messaging application with all these toward the begin. The ideal arrangement is to fabricate a steady, decent working item executing fundamental methods which could be refreshed after you get a fine customer base.

Development Cost of Messaging App like WhatsApp

We should figure the all-out expense of making an application like WhatsApp. Addressing your inquiry 'what amount does WhatsApp cost', we can presume that the development procedure can take as long as 1635 hours (+ 2 weeks for arrangement).

So, the surmised expense of the WhatsApp like an app can be determined as 1635 hours x $15, which approaches $24K per platform. Add 849 hours to the total sum if you need to build up an application both for iOS and Android. The more forms of your application you need to discharge, the more cash you will need.

The complete expense of WhatsApp-like messaging application for two stages (iOS and Android) may shift from $35K to $40K including back-end.


The messaging market demonstrates consistent advancement. And there is yet an opportunity to make a WhatsApp clone application that will get a not too bad piece of the pie. Development cost of messaging app relies upon 4 key factors that you are to choose before making an informing application:

  • Select a stage (Android, iOS or both)
  • Decide the features run
  • Set up a spending limit
  • Pick a re-appropriating organization that will fulfill your time, quality and cost prerequisites.

Additionally, remember to set up benchmarks and KPI's - that is the means by which to make a messaging application that will shake! For this kind of application, three fundamental measurements are various dynamic clients, degree of consistency, and a group of onlookers commitment. Reach out to us for getting a Messaging App Developed.