30 Best Software Development Ideas for Startups and SMEs

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Getting an IDEA is needed to start a business! You cannot start a business unless you have an idea. When it comes to software development ideas for startups, we recognize that the most challenging element of operating a company is coming up with good software program concepts that are innovative and promising enough to establish a million-dollar company.

There are millions of people who have a great concept but are unable to put it into action for variety of reasons.

The software development business is a constantly expanding and upgrading sector that adapts to the newer difficulties and requirements of our progressive environment. The software development industry is a vital component of the information technology sector.

You can look at the top 30 Software development Ideas listed in this article, to start a new firm in the software design and online mobile application development industry. You can begin by implementing any of the suggestions.

Software Development Ideas for Startups

Table Of Content:

List of 30 Software development ideas for Startups and SME

  1. ERP Software
  2. Mall On Wheels Software
  3. CRM Software
  4. Dropshipping/ e-commerce Software
  5. Create a Medical Software
  6. Project Management Software
  7. Platform Reservation
  8. E- learning Business
  9. All-in-one Booking Software (Hospitality Sector)
  10. Hotel Management Software
  11. Online Payment Software Application
  12. Hosting for Chatbots
  13. Software for Business Communication
  14. Automated Payroll Software
  15. Web- based Job application
  16. Food and Restaurant Inventory Software
  17. NEWS software application
  18. Invoicing Software
  19. Time Tracking Software
  20. Privacy Protection Software
  21. Blockchain- based Invoicing
  22. Plagerism Detection Software
  23. Convert Audio to Text Software
  24. Read Text Aloud Software
  25. Daily Horoscope Software Idea
  26. Bug Tracker
  27. Software for Screen Recording
  28. Calendar Scheduler Software
  29. All-in-one Social Media
  30. Inventory Management Software

30 Software Development Ideas for Startups and SMEs

1. ERP Software

Our first software idea for a business is Enterprise Resource Management or ERM is a software solution is for the automation of various manual tasks. It helps monitor daily business activities like accounting, procurement, project management, risk management, compliance, and supply chain operations in a single system for large organizations, businesses, and even educational institutions. The ERP solutions market is estimated to reach $49.5 billion by 2025.

Commonly used programming languages are: 

  • C++/C# for Windows platform
  • Swift/Objective-C for macOS 
  • Angular, JS, and Node.JS for web apps

A few big companies using ERP are Amazon, Toyota, Starbucks. 

Erp software example: Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

2. Mall on Wheels Delivery App

In 2021, a corporation can resurrect mall shopping and restore it to its former grandeur. You may use a retail web app development solution to create a direct distribution channel for your online store, where clients can purchase items from your retail brands. You might be wondering how it differs from what Amazon and other e-Commerce behemoths already do.

Here's where your most precious asset comes to the rescue. You can have a same-day shipment for all of the things you sell on your retail web app since your retail store already has all of the goods neatly arranged and ready for sale.

3. Customer Relationship Management Software

Another software idea for a startup is CRM software is extremely beneficial to businesses. A simple software or mobile app might serve as a portal for businesses to communicate with their consumers and respond to their inquiries, difficulties, issues, or ideas. This is due to the critical functions that this software provides. CRMs are used by almost every company to manage its operations. As a result, creating a CRM and marketing might be a smart software project concept.

This software may be offered to a variety of startups on the market. You'll also get paid on a subscription basis. It implies that you will get payment from your consumer regularly. It might be every six months or once a year.

4. Dropshipping/e-Commerce Website

Dropshipping is a business concept that requires very little capital to get started. The best thing about this business strategy is that the products you sell on your eCommerce or drop shipping website aren't your own. The owner begins by compiling a list of vendors who will supply items for the website to advertise and sell. All shipping and logistics are handled by a third party, which is generally a wholesaler or manufacturer.

The products are purchased, stored, and maintained by the manufacturers or wholesalers that have joined up for your eCommerce web app portal. If you want to establish a dropshipping business, you don't even have to bother about product delivery. Simply post the items on a web app or website and get a commission on each sale.

One such example is, Shopify, one of the best platforms for dropshipping.

Also, in you want to scale in drop-shipping, you can have your own warehouse to earn more profits. With our warehouse management solution, you can maximize labor utilization while minimizing obsolescence. 

5. Create a Medical Software

Software development idea for startups- medical software

Another essential and valuable software that you can give to hospitals to enhance their efficiency is medical software. Medical software keeps track of patients' electronic medical records. These days, hospitals are seeking medical software that is error-free and completes tasks on time, rather than relying on the error-prone human entry of patient information.

This startup idea for a business is great as by 2025, the worldwide medical software industry is anticipated to grow to $11 billion, according to estimates. The market for mobile medical apps is expected to grow at a similar rate.

6. Project Management Software

One of the software development ideas for startups is PMS. People were compelled to work remotely in 2020 when the COVID-19 epidemic struck the planet with a tremendous blow. Many businesses have benefited from PMP software in similar situations. These technologies aid in the tracking of different phases of bigger projects, team collaboration, and managing offshore teams, among other things.

Jira, Notion, Workzone are some agile project management application and an example of PMP software.

7. Platform Reservations

Starting a reservation service for public events is one of the best web app thoughts for 2021. Another software idea is that you may create software for e-ticketing and reservation management. Don't even consider competing with other well-known e-ticketing applications. Existing e-ticketing software has several drawbacks. Some of these include a lack of speed, a longer loading time, and so on. Restaurant tables, movie tickets, and sporting event seats may all be reserved months in advance. The app may be able to provide customers with the greatest seats as well as exclusive early-bird discounts.

8. Start an E-Learning Software Business 

Using this site, teachers may build a syllabus, course schedules, quizzes, tests, and online examinations for their students using e-learning software. Various educational institutions, such as schools, colleges, training institutes, and even corporates can benefit from elearning software solutions.

Cloud computing infrastructure and Learning Management Systems are used to power a variety of online learning systems (LMS).

E-learning platforms- Coursera, Udemy, SkillShare.

Revolutionize the next generation of talent by collaborating with us to create solutions that enhance the way we learn with our Edtech Industry services.

9. Get software on All-in-one-booking (Hospitality)

Web app- booking software

All-in-one booking software is another difficult field of software development. Many people benefit from this software idea since it makes hotel, vacation, dining out, and other booking processes easier. Software that can be used to book flights, trains, buses, and hotels all in one place.

All-in-one hospitality software is a popular choice among the general population. Users despise having to use separate applications for various jobs. They choose software that can handle all of their requirements. Because the hotel and management industries are continually in operation, designing this sort of software is highly profitable.

10. Hotel Management Software

Cloud-based hotel management software can handle everything from front desk services to invoicing, reservations management, revenue management, and much more. Another great Startup idea for a business. 

Oracle Hospitality is an example of hotel management software.

11. Online Payment Software Applications 

Payment processing software application enables organizations to process a variety of business-to-business (B2B) transactions. This sort of software is used by businesses to manage payments received from customers and made to suppliers. This is a great software idea for startups and you can easily outsource a company to get the app ready for you. 

12. Hosting for Chatbots

Here is another startup idea for a business. Most online chat assistance is AI-based, which you may not know. The tech underlying self-learning chatbots are now available to ordinary individuals and small businesses. This skill may be used to build your own AI chatbots and sell them as part of your hosting plan. Actors, small businesses, and government organizations are examples of clients; these are people that are rising in fame and receiving more visits to their websites than they can handle.

13. Software for Business Communication

Some businesses select communication software that is designed particularly for professional communication amongst corporate team members. As a result, you may target both small and large enterprises here. They'll buy your software subscription too if you sell it to them. These technologies may be used for more than simply talking; they can also be used for file sharing, document collaboration, video conferencing, and much more.

Slack is an example of business communication software.

14. Automated Payroll Software

Another successful software idea for business concepts in the realm of software development is to create an automated payroll system. Payroll software is a comprehensive tool for managing employee pay, taxes, and time management making financial record keeping a more comprehensive process and eventually assisting in better financial planning. These software tools reduce the number of manual activities involved in making timely and hassle-free employee payments.

An example of this type of software is RazorPay payroll. 

15. Web-Based Job Application

You can build a fresh, easy platform for recruiters and job searchers that is optimized for computers and smartphones. Keep it simple and to the point rather than cluttering it with a bunch of needless features, and it will become the most popular recruiting web tool on the market.

16. Food or Restaurant Inventory Software

Keeping inventory at grocery businesses may be a time-consuming process. Several supermarkets are having difficulties controlling their food inventories. All of these are venues where you may market your food inventory software. You can work in the food industry, which is a large industry. As a result, food inventory software can help solve this problem.

Restaurants, food delivery app-based companies, and major department shops may all benefit from these technologies. Leverage the power of technology with our hospitality app development services.

17. NEWS Software Application 

Another software idea for a startup is investing and creating a NEWS application. Mobile devices, computers, wearable technologies, video games, the environment, politics, and many more topics are covered on such news apps. These news applications compile stories from a variety of sources and include various reporting styles in a single app.

18. Get an Invoicing Software and Start Selling It

Software idea for startups

Invoicing software handles a variety of invoicing problems that businesses encounter daily. Invoicing software is becoming increasingly popular on the market. Many businesses require invoicing software to help them with their vital responsibilities, such as invoicing and payment processing. Such Invoicing software assists organizations in more efficiently managing all billing-related duties and issuing personalized bills to consumers.

Some of these software applications have great features such as a real-time dashboard, the ability to automate regular invoicing processes, and the ability to automatically send out late reminders to clients.

Many software firms outsource their software development. You can take advantage of this chance and contact them.

19. Create a Time Tracking Software

Employees' time is tracked using time tracking software. This software is beneficial to businesses since it allows them to track which employees spend how much time at work. Several folks got into the time monitoring software market and made a lot of money, and they're still generating money every time their software application is downloaded on a machine.

Example: Top Tracker and ActiTIME

20. Privacy Protection Software

One of the most serious challenges to the software business is software piracy. By breaching copyright protection, software piracy protection systems can prohibit hackers from obtaining access to the complete version of the product. Almost all critical information and data is now stored in computer systems. As a result, the most crucial part to consider is security. As a result, this concept has the potential to be a game-changer for your company.

21. Blockchain-Based Invoicing Software Idea For Startups 

Because blockchain can make any transaction both quick and safe. Blockchain-based invoicing software can be created. Here's a sophisticated solution for your company's billing and invoicing needs. These software apps use blockchain technology and technologies like smart contracts, ethereum, and hyperledger to create them.

22. Plagiarism Detection Software

If you're still seeking new software ideas, here's a list of the most popular software development areas. Content and plagiarism-checking software are required by everyone from IT businesses to educational institutions. These technologies can discover plagiarised content, which Google, the media, publishing houses, and educational institutions do not like.

Copyscape is one example of plagiarism detection software. Market this software idea and earn money.

23. Converting Audio to Text Software

This type of software aids users in the conversion of audio to text. This software idea is in high demand since converting audio to information makes it easier for search engines to retrieve. Users may convert their audio to text with this software. Furthermore, there is little rivalry in this market.

24. Read Text Aloud Software

This software transforms text to voice. You may change the volume, pace, and quality of the voice and take advantage of this concept and begin thinking about launching a business. This software idea can be easily outsourced the software development project to any competent outsourcing firm for the creation of this software.

25. Daily Horoscope Software Idea for Business

People are constantly inquisitive about what will happen to them in the near and far future, thus astrology is one field of software development that will never lose appeal. Because this software can forecast daily horoscopes, monthly and yearly horoscopes, as well as compute birth charts, it might be a lucrative software company concept. Such folks will benefit greatly from your software. As a result, you can use this software idea to create a business.

26. Bug Tracker

After software creation, developers may check for defects that are interfering with the new software's functionality. With this software idea for startups, bug tracker software can assist in the automatic detection of issues before the release of the end-user version to the market.

27. Software for Screen Recording

Screen capture software is simple to create and, for the most part, extremely helpful. Users may use this software application to record lessons and create videos. Annotations and audio narration are included in such tools. Some applications can even record the screen in high definition. These screen recordings are commonly used to build tutorials for various applications and languages. As a result, this might be a terrific software idea for startups.

28. Calendar Scheduler (Artificial Intelligence) Software

Software idea- calendar scheduler AI software

Another creative software project concept that makes use of AI technology is this one. It is primarily a web service and mobile platform software that syncs the calendar with an email to keep track of meetings. In addition, it can create a timetable and a reminder for you automatically.

29. All-in-one social media application

This software will unite all of the main social media networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others, and login in will display feeds from all of these platforms in one location. Users despise having to move between apps. As a result, developing such apps may be quite advantageous in current times.

30. Inventory Management Software

10 Best Warehouse Management Systems In 2022

Knowing what's left in the warehouse isn't the only aspect of inventory management. A software or app for inventory management that acts as a consolidated database for inventory data. Inventory management software also includes features like sales tracking, automatic reordering, forecasting, thorough analysis and reporting, and other essential functions. These technologies now track the warehouse, the shelf life of a product, and even the experience of your consumers.

Example: Zoho, Oracle Netsuite

Final Thoughts on Software Ideas!

Ideas are valuable. Today's world would be nothing without technology to make our lives simpler. The software development field is expanding, and you may benefit from it. What would business people strive to turn into reality if there are no ideas?

Furthermore, if any of the software ideas listed above appeal to you, you may also contact us, and we will provide you with a comprehensive solution. Take this idea and turn it into a business, then get back to living your life happily!