Numerous dynamic mobile apps came into existence in the year 2008. If we all know these diversified applications are basic necessities for one and we totally rely on it. These applications work as a backbone for android phones. Without apps, android phones are just a normal piece with a screen on it. Apps made phones more edgy, popular and rest is history. A decade is accomplished in the development of smartphones, resulting in the emergence of various unique apps.

Our phones are flooded with these apps and these apps are making our life for living. Numerous apps are available on the play store which is further categorized by its different genres. Each app is downloaded by an individual within a stretch of time. But Android is the best option for boosting businesses of app development fields.

Let’s see why android is the force to reckon with.

After in-depth research conducted by Statista, it was witnessed that in upcoming years there will be a huge demand for developing mobile devices. When we lay emphasis on terms called on-demand apps, then there are several examples of it which are currently skyrocketing each hour or become a major part of android phones- uber, Lyft, Ola, Urban clap etc. are the normal samples of on-demand apps. 

These apps are sensational because of their features which one can enjoy anytime and anywhere. The entire world is made before these apps because it empowers the users to get access to an online service provider within a second, thus everything is available online which reduces hustle and bustle from our lives. We just have to browse our necessities and while sitting at home only we can see it and order it simply. These apps are the weapon to attain economic and business-related goals also.


Several existing applications are ruling the world right now because of its high demand. For this reason, only it is termed as on demand apps. On-demand mobile apps are responsible for working as service providers and end users at the same point of time. Whether you are ordering mouthwatering food or booking a ride for a journey, with a one tap only you can enjoy and fulfill all your desires. 

Cheers to the emergence of on-demand apps for encompassing these revolutionary changes. On demand apps are considered as a flexible and effective platform for the android users like us. Secondly, it is beneficial for businesses also because it has been used for major start-ups and it also helps in the modification, conceptualization or idea generation process which are key components to make any business successful.

In the current scenario app industries rapid growth is encouraging Source Soft Solutions. Source Soft Solutions are known for its flawless and splendid series of Android App designing services. It has the attribute to make your app development dream come true. It has the feature to customize and incorporate the legitimate changes for creating raw apps to meet the expectations of prominent brands, SMBs and startups. Now the major point which is revolving in our mind is why one should choose android only for the creation of on-demand apps for boosting business enterprises.


There are two main rivals in the mobile app world. First is known as Android and second is recognized as iOS. According to the latest update it is fixed that Android apps are very well present on google play store. Play store downloads always break the records. As per the record, android has 80 % of the part in the smart one marketing world. It also covers key elements like demographics. As we all are well aware that China is the most populous country in this globe. So, after looking at the conditions we can imagine that the smartphone industry is going to set an example in this business industry. Therefore android users are increasing day by day and because of this android phones can have regular tabs on its target audience.


Google play is an extraordinary platform which has pretty flexible policies for app development purposes. Google instantly changes its policies for encouraging the developers now and then. It allows publishing of the apps without any complications. There are no rigid or stringent policies for developers which motivates the designers to create new upcoming phenomenal apps to make its audience life’s convenience. It was estimated that iTunes charges $99 for app development purposes. But android charges a reasonable price of $25 for registration which opens the door for young entrepreneurs for publishing apps.


On demand apps are active right now and have earned its platform in the market because of its well renowned feature. Best android features like seamless navigation have the capability to serve and assist its target users in a great manner. Other diverse features like GPS, navigation, online payment options, analytics, ratings, regular notifications are some of the basic applications which runs the android in its purest form. These above-mentioned apps are considered as on demand apps. 

These features are generally available in android smartphones. These apps are responsible for ensuring optimum presentation from the apps. Android further inculcates amenities like Gmail, messenger and WhatsApp for passing or sending a number of files within a minute. It further terminates communication barriers. Generally online apps need to be updated for ensuring more smooth functioning of applications. Android phones are so diverse that it can easily update the apps automatically.


The main point which makes on-demand apps so splendid is that it fulfills the needs of its target audience. After detecting changing trends, android phones also update its applications to ensure effective and efficient functionality of apps. If we compare iOS and android apps in the field of app customization, then Android will be announced as the winner because it promotes a high level of customization. Other than that creators can also assist the subject for the modification of the apps.